Handgun Planet is an experiment-turned-passion. It isn’t just about new gear or ammunition; it’s about gear and ammunition that will serve you well for anything from competition to that emergency self-defense situation we hope you never encounter. We review things that we think our readers will actually care about, and we try to make our reviews worth the time it takes to read them because we know you’re all busy people. That means we tell you what we really think about products instead of fluffing them up because we’re scared of losing an endorsement. There’s enough BS on the internet, so you can trust that we’re going to tell you like it is. Please feel free to contact us with whatever questions, suggestions, or comments you may have. Stay safe and shoot straight!


Handgun Planet is:

Colt Driver, Editor-in-Chief

Colt Driver founded Handgun Planet in 2013 after getting his start on the AR side of the firearms industry. Since that time, his never-ending pursuit of exceptionally cool things has given him the distinct privilege of working with some of the most respected companies in the business. He currently practices law when he isn’t on the range. 

Nick Sporinsky, Contributing Writer

Nick Sporinsky is a contributing writer for Handgun Planet and an avid supporter of the Second Amendment.  He is a career Army Officer and has been participating in IDPA competitions between deployments to the Middle East since 2008.  He currently holds a Sharpshooter classification in both Stock Service Pistol as well as Enhanced Service Pistol. 

Bobby Frisina, Contributing Writer

Bobby Frisina is passionate about family, firearms and hunting. He really likes shooting, shooting is his favorite. He is an 11 year veteran of the US Army Reserve, he is a graduate of the JFK Special Warfare Center and School Civil Affairs course, and he supported 2nd Brigade of the 101St Airborne in the Zhari District of Kandahar Province Afghanistan in 2010-2011.

Kevin Mah, Columnist

Kevin Mah is a retired police officer. Kevin’s assignments at his agency included SWAT, firearms instructor, bicycle/foot patrol, patrol rifle, off-road motorcycle, uniformed patrol, and narcotics enforcement. Kevin’s interest in photography began at an early age. Over the years, Kevin has photographed tier-one trainers, police, fire training, as well as numerous trade shows and events. We are happy to have his help covering some new products this year for Handgun Planet.

Eric McIlwain, Contributor

Eric consults with us about the state of the industry and helps with editorial strategy and photography. He is a lifelong firearms enthusiast and has even been known to carry a 50 AE from time to time.

KChanko, AR-15 Correspondent and Photography Contributor

KChanko started shooting about ten years ago. He covers AR reviews and a portion of the photography on Handgun Planet. He has taken product shots for several well-renowned companies around the industry, and he got his start in the AR industry around 2011. He’s got great instincts when it comes to photos, and he has experience in purchasing, marketing, and product consulting as well. If he’s at the range, it’s a safe bet there’s an AR or an H&K sitting somewhere close-by.

Chris Hatch, Photography Contributor

Chris Hatch is an avid firearms enthusiast and works on the photography side of things. He is a Mass Communications guy who managed to escape from Massachusetts to the free world and began to combine his two favorite hobbies after taking some photography classes.

If you would like to be a guest contributor or have an article idea, please let us know. For more information on our shooting team, click the “Team HP” link at the top of our site. HP

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