Emerson Knives Blue Line Commander and CQC-7 (limited run)

cqc-7-blue-liners-6-1I was super excited when I saw that Emerson was doing a limited run of thin blue line CQC-7s and Commanders. Emerson is well known for putting out some of the best hard use knives in the industry—bar none. So two iconic Emerson designs in a very unique configuration that bordered on a “custom” look was a win in my book. When I saw the photos I immediately knew I had to order one. The good news was that I snagged one. The bad news was that the CQC-7 sold out before I could order one of them and the Commander sold out before I could snag one for a family member who still works in law enforcement. So naturally, I gave him dibs and I’ll find another Emerson very soon.

blue-line-commander-5Both sold out long before I could get one in hand, photograph it, and put up a little blurb. And then my photos didn’t turn out (so all of the photos here except for the banner are EKI stock pics). But I’m still putting up a little blurb because, quite simply, I think this is one of the coolest limited run configurations that I’ve seen in a while, and I know it probably means a lot to a ton of men and women in uniform that Emerson Knives did something like this to honor them. On top of actually looking like a thin blue line flag from the back when laid flat, EKI donated a portion of every knife’s sale price to C.O.P.S. (Concerns of Police Survivors), which is an organization that helps the family and friends of officers killed in the line of duty. Any company that does something this cool deserves a shoutout.

blue-line-commander-2Both the Blue Line Commander and the Blue Line CQC7 have laser-etched American flags on the right side of the blade, and the G10 scales are just as grippy and tough feeling as you would expect from a brand new Emerson knife. The Commander I received was perfectly centered, super sharp, and locked up tight. In short, it was awesome. And it is currently being proudly carried by someone who really appreciates what Emerson did with this run.

Now maybe I’ll look into a CQC-7F. I definitely need a flipper, right? In the meantime, for any of you Emerson fans out there who are interested, there are still Emerson blue line stickers available on the website (here). And right now EKI is running a free shipping sale for any order over $150. So make sure you go check out this great company that supports our law enforcement officers and their families! HP



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