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Product Spotlight: VZ Grips

Since John VanZyck founded VZ grips in 2003 and began machining micarta and G10, VZ has become one of the most well-respected manufacturers of aftermarket grips for everything from 1911s to J-frames. In my experience, they represent a nice melding of form and function; that is to say that not only do they look fantastic, they also provide a functional improvement to almost any firearm Read More →

Product Review: CNC Shooter Loading Block

CNC Shooter was the product of a longtime firearms enthusiast and fairly-recent adopter of handloading who decided he wasn’t too thrilled with what the market offered. With an extensive background in machining, Tom Sziler probably figured he could make a better product himself, and that is exactly what he did. The first time I ever saw one of these loading blocks on a forum, I thought it might Read More →

New Release/Product Review: Wilson Combat ETM HD/+P Magazine

Let’s face it: Wilson Combat makes some pretty okay stuff. Their magazines are the okay stuff of legend. Funny, right? Wilson Combat has been known for the best 1911 magazines since the first Wilson-Rogers #47 samples made it to market. Its magazines have been issued with the Springfield Professional Model, the Colt USMC CQBP, and so many other .45’s that it’s just about impossible to keep track of Read More →

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