Quick Pic(k): Battle Arms BAD Ambi Safety Selector

It’s been too long, guys. And we’re sorry. But we’ve reorganized our ideas and are ready to hit it full force with some great photos and products to end the year and start 2018 off on the right foot!

First off, we’re starting a Quick Pic(k) column that will show you all some products you should be aware of if you aren’t already with brief, quick explanations as to why one of us likes them. And we’re starting that column off with the Battle Arms Development Ambi Safety Selector (the “BAD-ASS”).

While ambi safeties may not be necessary for a lot of people, I tend to shoot long guns left handed, and they make things easier for me. And when it comes to an ambi on an AR-platform rifle, this is the only one I’ll put on my guns. First off, its a high quality part. Second, the installation is simple. Third, it is available in a wide variety of colors, lever lengths, and configurations, to include lightweight and short throw versions. Fourth…guys…it’s called the BAD-ASS. It literally makes you cooler. Just add sunglasses.

The levers are interchangeable on both sides to allow you added flexibility even without ordering anything additional. All in all, this is just a great part. And even for righties…you never know when you might need to switch things up in a class or under stress.

Anyway, to read more into the BAD ambi, check it out on the Battle Arms website HEREHP

-Colt Driver

*If you’re interested in catching a shipping deal with our friends at Brownells, check out the large variety of BAD safeties they have in stock here: https://www.brownells.com/rifle-parts/safety-parts/safeties/ar-15-ambidextrous-safety-selector-blue-prod41292.aspx

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