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Product Review: Comp-Tac Belt Feed Magazine Pouch

Most of my favorite guns to shoot are 1911s, and there are good points and bad points to being a predominantly single stack guy. For instance, life is too short to shoot an ugly gun with much regularity, so as a 1911 guy, I avoid that pitfall. But there are certainly times when I am training or shooting when I wish I had more rounds on me. Running Read More →

Product Review: ZMB Industries “Greg” VRT 3-D Tactical Training Dummy

When I first told my core group of shooting buddies and contributors after SHOT this year that I was thinking about doing a review on these targets, the general consensus was that it sounded a little “gimmicky” and looked a lot like the Blue Man Group. Fast forward to today, and after each of us has had a chance to use the product, the tune has changed (well, there’s still Read More →

Shot Timer App Drill (at home)

June was all about shooting as much as I could. But July has been really busy so far. And although I can’t get the mic on my iPhone to pick up any shots with this app (I’m pretty sure it’s just the phone), I still found a use for it that I feel has significantly improved my draw and presentation over the past couple of Read More →