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Product Review: Wilson Combat Vickers Elite Battlesight for Glock Pistols

When Larry Vickers puts his name on something, it’s probably worth taking a look at it, but when Larry Vickers puts his name on something that Bill Wilson’s name is already on, it should go straight to your short list. I’ve heard nothing but good reviews from various sources on these sights so far, but I finally had the chance to try them out for myself this Read More →

Review/Modification: Wilson Combat Flatwire Recoil Kit…for 9mm!

If you’ve spent any time at all around handguns, it’s a surety that you’ve heard a friend, acquaintance, or random guy at a match say something about how easy-to-maintain their XYZ modern wonder-nine is. There’s a good chance it might have even been you who said it! If it was, you would have been right. Technology is a wonderful thing; it makes life easier, and Read More →

Review: Robar NP3 Plus

I was markedly skeptical of NP3 Plus when I first heard about it, because it sounded too good to be true. It offered the look of satin nickel with less glare and more durability. Oh yeah, and don’t forget the same corrosion protection offered by any of the best polymer coatings on the market today with exponentially greater life. Naturally, Robar must have been lying. Read More →

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