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Product Review: Robar NP3 Bolt Carrier Group

People make much of the saying that a handgun’s primary purpose is to help a person shoot their way to a bigger gun (usually a rifle). So when you make it to the rifle and you’re on your last legs and your last mag, you need that thing to work, regardless of the conditions or the climate. Whether you’ve had time to lube it up Read More →

Review: Robar NP3 Plus

I was markedly skeptical of NP3 Plus when I first heard about it, because it sounded too good to be true. It offered the look of satin nickel with less glare and more durability. Oh yeah, and don’t forget the same corrosion protection offered by any of the best polymer coatings on the market today with exponentially greater life. Naturally, Robar must have been lying. Read More →