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Bro, Do You Even AR? Functional Mods that Won’t Break the Bank

It’s about that time of year now when you spent all of your money on other peoples’ presents but you might get some money for Christmas and spending your new money on cool things is very much preferable to paying off the credit card charges you made for the presents you bought on Black Friday. So in honor of procrastinating paying off your credit card and Read More →

Handgun Planet’s Morale Patch Debut

Handgun Planet is very excited to announce our FIRST-EVER morale patch release. (Check it out in the shop or click here…) This is our first attempt, and only 100 will ever be made! Huge thanks to our friends over at Orca Industries for their help with this collaboration! So whether you stick patches on the inside of your gun safe or you want something awesome for a hat Read More →