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Product Review: HK VP9

My first trip to the range with the VP9, I loaded up a magazine with 15 rounds of Federal HST, grabbed a few boxes of Atlanta Arms 147 grain ammo, and hit the range. I then proceeded to pewpew through the magazine of HST as quickly as I could to see how the VP would run wide-cavity JHP rounds out of the box. As I would Read More →

Product Review: Atlanta Arms 147 grain 9mm FMJ (follow up with chrono)

You might remember the first impressions article about this ammo from back in June of this year, which has more background than this writeup (here). I’ve continued to shoot the AA&A Team Glock/AMU 9mm load that Atlanta Arms sent me for reviews throughout the remainder of the summer (into the fall) and it’s still good to go. The black box (new production) ammo is a great Read More →

Product Review: ZMB Industries “Greg” VRT 3-D Tactical Training Dummy

When I first told my core group of shooting buddies and contributors after SHOT this year that I was thinking about doing a review on these targets, the general consensus was that it sounded a little “gimmicky” and looked a lot like the Blue Man Group. Fast forward to today, and after each of us has had a chance to use the product, the tune has changed (well, there’s still Read More →

WIN1911 Black Friday Special (2014)

You might recall that we did an in-depth review of this ammo when we got back from SHOT earlier this year (here). For those of you who haven’t tried it yet, this will be a great opportunity! Per Winchester, these should be hitting stores beginning in about a month, and the retail is supposed to be around $129. The Win1911-branded wooden box is packed inside a cardboard outer Read More →

Product Review: Oakley SI Radar Range with PRIZM Lenses

There’s an idiom about looking at the world through rose-colored glasses. And if shooting better would make your outlook on life a little rosier, Oakley’s Prizm lenses are the literal adaptation. Oakley SI was one of my favorite surprises at Media Day, and in the time since the show has ended, the Prizm lenses have continued to impress me. Like I said in the Media Day article Read More →

Gear Review: Blade-Tech Competition/Carry Rigs

Carry rigs (whether for competitive, CCW, or duty use) are really a personal preference item. Although I’m not trying to convince anyone to go out and buy a Blade-Tech rig, I do want to emphasize that gear is a CRUCIAL part of the equation for any of the aforementioned applications. Unfortunately, much of the time, the need for a decent carry rig is thrown onto the back Read More →

First Impression: H&K VP9

So the long-awaited day finally arrived and I picked up my new VP9 yesterday afternoon. And after everything I had read, I was expecting a clunky trigger pull, a high bore axis, and ergonomics that put a Glock to shame but aren’t quite enough to tip the scales in the VP9’s favor. What I found when I opened the case was a very good stock trigger (surprisingly good) with Read More →

Review: Kimber Aegis II 9mm

Historically, Kimber 1911s have been somewhat of a hit or a miss at times. Kimber’s QC wasn’t the best out there for a stretch, but it does seem as if the overall quality of Kimber guns has been steadily improving since some of the earlier series II small parts gave the brand a bad reputation for a stint. HP guest contributor C.Helm seems to have found a real keeper, and Read More →

Product Review: Wilson Combat Vickers Elite Battlesight for Glock Pistols

When Larry Vickers puts his name on something, it’s probably worth taking a look at it, but when Larry Vickers puts his name on something that Bill Wilson’s name is already on, it should go straight to your short list. I’ve heard nothing but good reviews from various sources on these sights so far, but I finally had the chance to try them out for myself this Read More →

Shot Timer App Drill (at home)

June was all about shooting as much as I could. But July has been really busy so far. And although I can’t get the mic on my iPhone to pick up any shots with this app (I’m pretty sure it’s just the phone), I still found a use for it that I feel has significantly improved my draw and presentation over the past couple of Read More →

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