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Product Spotlight: Armadillo Concealment Shooting Vest

Ask any competitive shooter: it’s very easy to tell when a product was designed by someone who shoots on a regular basis and when it wasn’t. About 80% of the time, that isn’t a compliment. This piece of gear, on the other hand, has more than earned its place in the minority. Not many things have caused as much weeping and knashing of teeth in Read More →

First Impression: Atlanta Arms & Ammo 147 grain FMJ (Team Glock/AMU Load)

A Handgun Planet giveaway is in progress! Click here for more info! After seeing at least a few boxes of this stuff (or the blue box version) at just about every major match I’ve shot in the southeast over the past few years, I finally managed to get my hands on some. First impression? It’s good stuff. Atlanta Arms has been in the business for over Read More →

New Release: H&K VP9

HP’s first impressions of the VP9 are HERE! So, by now you’ve probably heard that H&K is coming out with a striker-fired gun. They were the first to do it, so maybe they’re tired of seeing other companies eat up the market share up with their concept. But in any case, for those of you who haven’t heard, here it is: the VP9. The news Read More →

Product Review: SPHINX SDP Compact 9mm

Despite being known for its riddles, the role of the sphinx hasn’t ever been the least bit mysterious; the sphinx has always been the guardian of something. And in this case, the thing being guarded is likely very precious to you. Because it is you.   I was extremely excited to see these guns at the SHOT Show back in January, and shooting them at Media Day was a treat. After all, Read More →

Product Issue: Freedom Munitions 124-grain 9mm FMJ

*As of 5/10/2016, a more current review of Freedom Munitions 9mm can be found here. Thanks for reading.* [Editor’s Note- 1/15/2016] We recently received a different batch of Freedom 9mm to test out. Testing is ongoing, but of note, it appears that the brass on current new production 9mm is standard-spec stuff now without any “step” inside the case. Additionally, we have not seen any signs Read More →

Which Bulk-Pack Ammo Is Right for You?

The obvious answer to this question with things at their current state is the one that you can FIND! But if you do have a choice, this article will help you pick the right one for you. Rather than listing out a thousand obscure options you probably won’t even see for sale anytime soon, our focus here is to take a look at some of the Read More →

Product Review: G-Code OSH Holsters

G-Code OSH holsters are an affordable and high-quality line of kydex handgun holsters made in Jacksonville, NC. The OSH series comes in either a Standard or RTI model, both of which are offered for a number of different handguns. Additionally, either model is available in a variety of colors and camouflage options, and the fit and finish on both of my OSH holsters is excellent. Read More →

Product Review: Winchester Win3Gun .45 ACP Ammunition

I finally busted out the .45 again after my recent 9mm kick, and I have to say I made a good decision when I grabbed some of the Win3Gun I received from them a short time ago. With this product, Winchester went after a demographic of shooters that has gone largely unrecognized by the vast majority of “big” factory ammunition companies, and certainly at this price point. Read More →

Product Review: Asym Precision 9mm Match Ammunition

I had the good fortune to run into Stan Chen at the SHOT Show back in January of this year, and he struck me as someone who cares deeply for both his work and his customers. Not only that, he’s one of the nicest people you’ll ever talk to. And after looking at some of his 1911s and shooting a fair amount of his ammunition, Read More →

Product Spotlight: VZ Grips

Since John VanZyck founded VZ grips in 2003 and began machining micarta and G10, VZ has become one of the most well-respected manufacturers of aftermarket grips for everything from 1911s to J-frames. In my experience, they represent a nice melding of form and function; that is to say that not only do they look fantastic, they also provide a functional improvement to almost any firearm Read More →

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