SHOT Show Update (Day 2-3)

This post will cover some cool things we saw beginning on day two. We’ll update it with more photos and info tonight after the conclusion of day three. Time is so precious out here it’s crazy. As always, post or message us with more details on any photos and I’ll do my best to give you the answer if I know it. There will be more pics coming from each day once we get back, so definitely keep tabs on the Facebook and instagram over the next little bit.

P320 TargetThere was a lot of cool stuff going on at the Sig booth, and I forgot to upload much of it after day one, but chiefly among the things we saw at Sig were a P320 Target model that looks like it might be reaIMG_1016lly nice and the new RX series, which is the optics-ready version of guns from Sig (comparable to the Glock MOS concept). The 320 target has an adjustable fiber optic sight setup that provides a great sight picture, a flat trigger, 21-round magazines with alloy base pads, and a nice trigger pull. Max Michel and Bruce Gray (of Grayguns) had a lot to do with this one, so it shouldn’t come as any big surprise if it takes off in the next few months.

IMG_1032I’ve been googly eyeing Angstadt Arms 9mm builds on instagram for a long time, so I had to stop by there and take some pictures of the next pistol caliber carbine I’ll be adding to the stable. Like STAT. They had some beautiful guns at the show and at around $1500 retail for a 9mm setup that is super high quality (all billet) and reliable, their UDP-9 stuff is actually a really solid value.

I messed around with the Walther PPQ45 some more and I really love it. Flat topped, 12+1, fantastic trigger. Nothing to dislike about it whatsoever.

Also of interest to a lot of handgun aficionados is the new Browning Hi-Power custom jobs that will be coming out of Nighthawk Custom this year. They were really nice guns and if I wasn’t already going to go into debt buying a PPQ45 and an Angstadt UDP, I would really look into the possibility of one of these things too.


PSA 1911Palmetto State Armory changed their approach to the 1911 since last year and they will have a pretty cost-effective option hitting online sales in the next quarter or two. The rollmarks on the slide have been toned down since we last saw a 1911 option from them at SHOT 2015 and the guns look pretty solid. Pictured here is the hard chromed slide model over a stainless frame. These are set to retail around $799, but MSRP on the other model will start around $100 less. They’re already available in stores, for those of you who live local enough to their operation to go fondle one in person.

Yeti bottlesThis one isn’t really the least bit related to handguns, but since it was the Christmas gift of the year and all, we figured we would mention that Yeti brought some of their new bottles out here and for $39, $59, and $69 retail on the 18, 36, and 64 ounce models, respectively, they should be pretty popular among outdoor enthusiasts this year. More photos on the way once we find some more upload time! For now, HP out. HP

Colt Driver

Photos by author and Chris Hatch

Blued JB

Stainless JB

Stan Chen

WC gun

New WC guns have been added to the Colt stable for 2016. Shown here is a new stainless configuration that was beautiful in person.

ChiquitaIMG_0991legion.1legion.2legion.3legion.4IMG_1033IMG_1031IMG_1030IMG_1028IMG_1036Troy SBR

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