Glock 17M: The “Inside” Scoop (Photo Documentary)

This probably isn’t the first Glock 17M you’ve seen. But no one has covered it yet in the detail we wanted to see…photographically speaking. Obviously, Glock hasn’t taken these guns to any shows yet…and who knows if a any might show up at NRA next month or not. We’re guessing no based on SHOT Show and we would love to be wrong.

But in the meantime, we stripped one down a bit to give you guys and gals an “inside” scoop (literally) on the 17M that law enforcement agencies all around the country seem to be moving towards, beginning with the FBI.

The 17M reportedly had some VERY early issues towards the end of last summer based on reports from other industry news sources around the web. We believe those were likely fixed immediately, and based on what we have seen, there should not be any concern about how well these guns function. This article is going to be mostly photos due to how tight-lipped Glock has been about officially confirming or denying anything substantial about the new design features, but there are a few things we will point out.

First, these guns use conventional rifling and have what appears to be a crowned barrel. They also have ambidextrous slide releases, slide contouring at the front edges of the slide, NO FINGER GROOVES, and what looks in person to be a slightly different slide coating that is supposed to be “tougher.” There’s a crescent cut out of the the frontstrap and at the rear of the magwell to allow you help if you need to strip the mag, and the magwell itself has a very nice bevel to it in order to help with reloads. Internally, the gun looks like a bigger G43, which is shown next to it for reference. Trigger is pretty good/much improved for a stock model. There’s also an “M” after the 17, in case you wondered.

The photos pretty much speak for themselves, so those are below with commentary. Looks like this might be a huge seller. Hopefully Glock will start talking about it more in the coming months. HP

All business, like any other Glock, with no finger grooves and the immediately apparent “34” esque slide contouring at the nose of the slide make for a (dare we say) good looking Glock.


Ambi slide release is a first…and it’s going to be a massive hit if this gun makes it into the consumer or competition scene for left handed shooters.


Some people might dismiss the seemingly well-designed ambi slide release as superfluous or adding unnecessary complication to the platform…those people are probably all right handed.



The 17M kind of reminds us of a bigger 43…and that’s awesome.


Here are the upper halves of the 43 (top) and 17M (bottom).


Yes, that’s Gold Dot G2. We have been assured that they work properly now. Maybe it’s time for another gel test…


It’s no “Glock 40” but who needs that when you have 150 rounds of 9mm ready to go?

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