Product Review: G-Code OSH Holsters

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G-Code 2G-Code OSH holsters are an affordable and high-quality line of kydex handgun holsters made in Jacksonville, NC. The OSH series comes in either a Standard or RTI model, both of which are offered for a number of different handguns. Additionally, either model is available in a variety of colors and camouflage options, and the fit and finish on both of my OSH holsters is excellent. Each camouflage option is created using the actual fabric licensed from the maker so that the holster is an exact match for any other camo accessories of the same type. The handgun fits nicely with a solid, positive feel when it’s securely in place. The OSH line also features a screw to adjust retention, which G-Code refers to as “Adjustable Pro-Safe Tensioning.”

The tension adjustment screw is located just forward of the trigger guard.

The tension adjustment screw is located just forward of the trigger guard.

The OSH Standard holster can be ordered with a variety of mounting options. Mine has a multi-positional paddle and shirt guard. You can adjust the cant of your holster via the screws and slots in the back of the paddle. I recommend the use of a medium strength thread-locker on the attachment screws once you have it configured to your liking.  All told, the OSH Standard holster is a great option for a variety of uses. The price is affordable, and the quality is exceptional.

The OSH RTI holster is available in the same color and handgun options, but offers unparalleled versatility thanks to the RTI (Rapid Transition Interface) mounting plate. The RTI mounting plate allows the user to quickly and easily transition the holster from one mounting option to another. The RTI system is simple to use: simply slide the plastic lock to the unlock position and insert your RTI holster. Slide the plastic lock back to the lock position, and your holster is securely in place. G-Code offers a variety of mounting platform solutions. Some of these include options for pistol belts, battle belts, MOLLE gear, and even a standard RTI wheel mount. The RTI wheel mount allows you to put a mount wherever you can drill screws (car interior, furniture, etc.).

Best of all, your handgun never needs to leave the holster as you move it to different mounts. The OSH RTI is the holster to choose if you want one holster for many different uses:

  • Wheel Mount 
  • Belt Mount 
  • Battle Belt MOLLE Adapter
  • MOLLE Adapter 

For those of you who need multiple configurations for keeping the same pistol with you in a variety of situations, the RTI should be on your short list. I’ve been using my G-Code holsters for well over a year without any issues. G-Code offers a high quality, American-made holster at a very affordable price. Moreover, each and every component that goes into these holsters is also sourced from other American companies, so from start to finish, G-Code supports the US economy. Be sure to check out their website for more information, or to order your own. HP

kChanko; G-Code OSH Standard and RTI Holsters, MSRP $37.45-$48.95

*Originally Posted 4/22/2014

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