New Product: Wilson Combat Vickers Elite Battlesight for H&K Pistols

This will be short and sweet. We’ve already done a review on the Vickers Elite Battlesights here from back in the day when they were first released for Glock pistols. Now there are front/rears available that are compatible with Heckler and Koch VP9, P30SK, P30L, P30, HK45, HK45C, and HK45C Tactical models.

Although I liked the sight picture that the Heinie sights I had on my VP9 provided for the last couple of years, when I saw that Wilson was releasing a lineup of sights that would work with the VP9 I was excited. My excitement grew when I was shooting the VP suppressed a while back and the undersized Heinie front sight that was secured by a set screw on each side flew off under recoil when a screw backed out that had been flush at the beginning of the range session. Even after being Loctited. As we installed the Wilson front sight today, the precision of the specs was apparent, and although it took some force to get the front sight centered in the dovetail, the fit was essentially perfect.

While the rear fit looser than the front, the two big set screws on the rear tightened the rear sight firmly in the dovetail and are less of a concern for stripping out than the smaller screw heads on many other sights. When maneuvering the gun with a suppressor, the sight picture is good and the standard height essentially adjoins the top edge of the SilencerCo Osprey attached to the VP9. So, like the Heinie sights that have been pictured in the other VP9 reviews we have done in the past, with this particular suppressor there is no need to use a suppressor height sight for my purposes. On the range, the sight picture was what I would expect from a Wilson/Vickers Battlesight. If you aren’t familiar with these sights, the one thing I will say is that they are parkerized. That isn’t meant to sound like a negative thing, but keep it in mind if you sweat all over the gun on the range and don’t want to find rust all over it when you take it out of the range bag a week later. A light coat of oil will prevent this, and if you really don’t want to deal with rust issues, you could have the rear site Armor-tuffed black by Wilson or Cerakoted black by a local refinisher for a minimal charge.

My VP9 didn’t require removing any material from the sights to get them installed, but the second gun we installed these sights on did require just a couple of strokes of a file on a tritium front sight to get it installed. So, as with anything, there is no 100% guarantee that the dovetail of your particular gun won’t have a slightly stacked tolerance that presents a minor fitting issue. However, in my personal opinion, that is FAR preferable to blowing the front sight off of the gun under recoil. The Wilson front sight feels far more secure than the one it replaced and I’m looking forward to trying it out in some matches now. As has been the case with each release of these Battlesights regardless of the gun, hats off to Wilson Combat and Vickers Tactical for a job well done. HP

-Colt Driver;; Vickers Elite Battlesight Plain Black Rear, Item# 669HKB, $49.95

Vickers Elite Snag Free front Sight for HK, Green Fiber Optic (as-tested), Item # 698 FOG, .225″, $39.95

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