New Streamlight Protac Rail HL-X: 1000 Lumens of Awesome

I wrote about some of the cool things that Streamlight was coming out with in the SHOT Show recap last month, but I was specifically reserving this for a standalone feature. It’s that good.

The main reason I wanted to save it was so that I could try to show how bright this light really is. And although I might or might not have been successful in that regard, I knew it wouldn’t be a fair representation to photograph it on the show floor under a ton of fluorescent lights in Las Vegas (although maybe in front of the water show at the Bellagio would have been an interesting test).

In light of the fact that we just did a fairly in-depth review of several products in the 2016 Streamlight lineup, this is really only meant to be a quick look at a great new light rather than a full out review. But the specs are impressive enough that they should speak for themselves. As will the photos.

Full disclaimer: there’s nothing to disclaim here…the photos haven’t been retouched at all. And the light was even more impressive in total darkness, but I couldn’t photograph it well in total darkness or keep it from washing everything out when I turned it on while taking pics one-handed…

Still, these photos make it pretty clear that 1,000 lumens is no joke. Pictures don’t do it any justice, but the “daylight” description of the effect these lights have isn’t far off. You can’t hide from this much light.

The Protac Rail Mount HL-X is dual fuel as well and can run on two CR123A lithium cells or a Streamlight rechargeable 18650 battery! It’s only 5.4 inches long and weighs less than 7 ounces. They should be leaving the warehouse next month, too! So put it on your list and get those orders in when they start popping up for sale! The HL-X is like having a headlight on your rifle. HP

-Colt Driver

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